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A Gateway to Unconditional Love and Ancient Ways to heal!

Shamanism is the path to knowledge that is gained through the experiences of many aspects of life such as rituals, ceremonies, prayers, meditation, trials and tests. This path is about being connected with nature, understanding that we are earth-based beings, the real and living knowledge which is then used for balance, health, relationships as well as success in all that we do.

Based in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, 12min drive from Loch Ness, just outside Balnain village, opposite Loch Meikle.

Currently providing services in the following areas: 

Drumnadrochit - Inverness - Balnain - Scotland - United Kingdom 

Online bookings are also available upon request

Anima Pacha is here to support individuals who are yearning to reconnect with Nature in order to expand their consciousness and remember the old ways of living that our ancestors followed. You can also buy sacred ceremonial tools like Shamanic Drums, Rattles, Smudge Feathers, Medicine Bags/Pouches and more. All ritual tools are always created within a sacred space with love and gratitude. 


£1 of every sale made from selling the art is always donated to the MORE TREES movement. As reforestation supporters, we are trying to do our best to tackle the issues around deforestation, which is one of the reasons that contribute towards global warming. Trees create clean air, water, and a more stable climate. They also increase biodiversity, health, and have a positive social impact on local communities.