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Welcome to the magical world of sacred Cacao medicine run by a small team of Cacao Artists and their Ambassadors

Image by Kiyoshi

I am very excited to share the new chapter in my life of becoming an Ambassador for Aya Pacha Cacao. This is a truly heartwarming opportunity to share the healing benefits of this sacred medicine with the community worldwide as well as to support Cacao artisans and producers ethically and authentically. You can read my personal story with mama Cacao below


We believe in an awakened world where the consumer moves in full connection with the producer of their food/medicine where both benefit in the same reciprocal way. A world where natural resources are honoured and taken care of by all sides involved is what motivates us. For AYA 🌸 Pacha Cacao, serving medicine includes environmental responsibility and Earth healing (packaging, environmental remediation projects, Earth healing and heart healing ceremonies, eco-tourism, etc.) We are creating a worldwide community of transparency and coherence through which we can grow in spiritual connection with our mother planet Gaia who offers an abundance of beauty and medicine for her children to heal. Is not until we are aware of where and how we are investing our energy that we can transform the world into a sustainable place for all. By showing up with authenticity we do our work of serving you a reality that we can all call Medicine for all. Starting with the producers, completing the full circle with our ambassadors spreading heart medicine all around Mama Gaia.

Image by Ly Le Minh
Image by Pablo Merchán Montes


AYA 🌸 Pacha Cacao trades Cacao seeds only from 1 source: Ancient Cacao trees from Esmeraldas taken care of by Hector and Magdalena Cacao producers by ancestral inheritance at Timbiré in the province of Esmeraldas. We zoom in to support a little community that is hidden from the outer world. Our mission is to bring evolution as we expand ancestral medicine in connection with those serving and holding the land. Therefore, we aim to purchase the whole production ahead of the harvest. In this way, we’ll be able to offer security to our medicine people working directly with the land. Something that they lack due to unpredictable weather conditions and very artisanal ways of working with our Cacao trees.

risto-kokkonen-gfDctAfYxsY-unsplash (1).jpg

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