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Shamanic Practitioner

Successfully completed Year 2 of Shamanic Training in February 2019 with Edinburgh Shamanic Centre. 

1 TO 1  /   90MIN

A session may include the following: Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Extraction work, Past life work, Connection with your Spirit Guides, or Energy Healing.

Shamanic healing sessions are offered:

- My home in the Highlands

- Online via Zoom


£120  (high income)

£110  (medium income)

£100  (low income)

£90    (benefits & other)


Shamanic Healing addresses the psychic and spiritual aspects of illnesses where an illness is seen as energy in an inappropriate place or in a form of a blockage. Shamanic Healing aims to remove these energy blockages and retrieve the lost soul parts in order to restore balance so that the person can be spiritually restored once again.  

Healing happens when something in a person shifts or transforms into a better place. Transformation can happen on so many different levels, such as emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, etc. Healing can only happen if the person is in a safe and loving place which is always present in my work. I always invite spirit helpers of a person, so that they are there to assist me and the customer in this work. By summoning these spirit helpers, they help to repair a soul, so that the person may then experience real, physical healing in the earthly realm.

Spirit helpers can be anything the person feels connected to, such as ancestors, native people, animals, angels, and more.



When we suffer a trauma, be it small or major, a part of our soul flees our body, departing to safety. Sometimes we lose parts of our soul by giving them away to somebody we love, or through neglect and abuse. This soul loss is a process that helps us cope mentally, physically and emotionally.

Part of being human is having this adaptability mechanism for our survival. That part of us - our essence or life force - has the ability to live in other dimensions because we are, by nature, multidimensional beings. When soul loss occurs, we are left with a feeling that something is missing but we are not quite sure what that is. Sometimes it is a sense of not being here, not being present, sometimes it is a sense of confusion, not being able to have clarity or direction, sometimes it is being stuck in enacting suffering and pain, depression may set in, and suicidal thoughts haunt us. Childhood trauma is also a very common reason for needing soul retrieval.

With the help of a shamanic practitioner, the inner helpers will tell us how many soul parts need to return to help solve a specific problem in our lives. When healing takes place at a soul level, when the reunion takes place, very often, it has an effect on all other levels. Soul retrieval, although very simple, is one of the most powerful shamanic healing methods one can experience.


A very common type of energetic illness and complaint brought for shamanic practitioners to work on is the removal of intrusive energies. If for whatever reason someone has a hole in their energy field, negative energies can come and stay in that space. If there for a long time, those energies can manifest themselves as negative thoughts, inappropriate behaviour towards others, physical illnesses or pain, and sometimes even suicidal thoughts. Those energies can also sometimes be coming from other people e.g. envy, negative thoughts, or anger directed towards someone else.

During an extraction session, we identify the intrusion and remove it from the person's energetic field. This is another ancient healing technique where the shaman has to have sufficient power, therefore, the importance of learning to be ruthless is fundamental for this work.


As the veils between the spiritual and the physical worlds are becoming thinner and thinner, past life problems have been one of the main causes for people to seek shamanic help. We are all multidimensional beings and on the shamanic path, time does not exist, therefore we are able to journey into past lives for healing purposes.


This work is for cleansing and balancing the energy field. By upholding unconditional love and channeling healing energy and support to you, the energy healing work helps to raise your vibration and remove blocked energies where needed. This work keeps your energy field strong, hence supporting you in many ways. The integrity and humility of the energy worker keep the purity and clarity of the energy; which can be felt very deep within.

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