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Meet the Tribe
Iza Waszak

Dear beautiful souls

I would love to invite you to check my service and share some magic, healing, and anything that is needed here and now.

Gratitude for the opportunity to heal myself and be in service wherever the Universe shows me the way with non-attachment and unconditional love. Gratitude for the opportunity to travel and see the world from the eagle side. Gratitude for the elements, guides, power animals, ancestors, spirits that teach me to be in symbiosis with the surrounding world. Gratitude for connecting me with wonderful teachers, masters beings - souls. Gratitude to be alive and continue the journey of life.

Blessings Iza

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Meet the Tribe
María Fatme

My name is María Fatme and I recognize Gaia as the force that gives life to every single atom that rests in her.
From a very young age I felt a natural attraction for Cannabis Medicine, I painted her leaves and admired her beauty, waiting, without knowing it, our encounter as a promise from the stars. While studying Chemical Engineering, Cannabis appeared as a teacher, a guide and an ally in an unexpected and playful way. Her first teaching: Yaku (Water) is Sacred and fundamental for the continuity of life, we must preserve it and make conscious use of it. Everything was clear, Pacha asked me to heal and I answered the call. A path of flowers, multiple colours and powerful intentions started to expand my perception.
Attending to her whispers I decided to study Yoga, the union of what seems to be separate, Reiki, Universal Energy channelling, Spiritual Response Therapy, Akashic Records clearing, Menstrual Therapy, healing through the feminine cycles, among others. Integrating techniques that in addition to being gifts would become allies.
Now, after 7 years of relationship with this Master Plant teacher, I hold the intention of recovering the ancestral and intentional use of Cannabis Medicine while sharing what she has taught me with love, accompanying others in their awakening hand in hand with the Plants Medicines. Merging science with spirituality because we need both perspectives to recognize the truth within us.
Three years ago, another teacher plant found me, the medicine of Cacao would appear between dance and music to teach me about unconditional love by captivating me with aromas and flavours, sacred Food of the Gods. This was the beginning of Aya Pacha, a community with the vision of recovering the ancestral tradition and use of Plant Medicine. Sacred alchemy with which I have come to fall in love, Cannabis and Cacao, master medicines of the creative flow, the recognition of the sacredness and healing through sensuality.

If you feel the call to heal together with the Master Plants, the art and magic of energy therapies please get in touch to discuss the possible treatments according to your requirements. Cannabis Ancestral is a community at the service of the awakening of the Universal Consciousness.

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