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Kambo frog

Kambo Naturista Practitioner

Trained with Kambo Naturista in September 2019 in the Amazon jungle. Please visit the following link for further information.



£130  (high income)  £120  (medium income)  £110  (low income)  £100  (benefits & more)

Kambo aka Sapo or Acate is a traditional natural remedy that is used by various indigenous tribes of the Amazon. This nocturnal treefrog (lat. Phyllomedusa bicolor) produces skin secretion, which has been used for ages as a natural treatment in the Amazon jungle

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It has potent effects on the whole human body, mind and soul. Traditionally it is used for:
* Healing and cleansing of the body
* Physical strength and stamina
* Spiritual and mental clarity
* Luck and zest of life.


Kambo is used for various reasons. First of all, it is a natural detox treatment, so it cleanses the body in a purgative way, strengthens the immune system and activates self-healing within the body. Kambo is a natural antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal and thereby kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is anti-inflammatory, cleans the blood and can improve general well-being. 

Studies show that some peptides in the Kambo can be very effective in dealing with Alzheimer, Parkinson's Disease, infertility, hepatitis, cancer, AIDS and other serious conditions. Although there is no doubt of the wide range of uses of Kambo, it is necessary to find the right treatment specific to each person and condition.

There has been no modern clinical research done on humans to illustrate its curative nature, however, there is a large number of people that have experienced the potency of the Kambo. Kambo can help many people with a variety of conditions including allergies, skin diseases, asthma, rheumatism and joint disorders, chronic pain and infections, malaria, diabetes, hepatitis, epilepsy, depression, post-chemotherapy, disease prevention and many more. 


The Kambo secretion based on human use was first researched and described by western scientists John Daly, Vittorio Erspamer and their team, published in 1992. Vittori Erspamer already published an article based on his studies of peptides in Phyllomedusa skin “a huge factory and store-house of active peptides” in 1985.  

Those bioactive peptides are also the reason why the pharma industry is so interested in it, developing a new medication from one of the peptides could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars and there are already several patents existing on some of the peptides.  

Here are some of the peptides found in the secretion:

* Adenoregulins

* Bradykinins

* Tachykinins

* Qcaerulein

* Sauvagine

* Tryptophyllins

* Deltorphins

* Dermaseptins

* Dermorphins

* Phyllocaeruleın

* Bombesins


For more information about the scientific research please follow the following links: 'sapo'_from_the_frog_Phyllomedusa_bicolor_skin_A_drug_used_by_the_Peruvian_Matses_Indians_in_shamanic_hunting_practices 



The Kambo/Sapo frog lives in the trees and generally have no natural enemies. Kambo frogs are nocturnal and can be easily located by imitating the mating sound. The frogs are particularly active during the rain and around the new moon. Sometimes one would need to climb a high tree to get the frog. Kambo frogs are tranquil and do not try to escape, so it is very easy to move them onto a large wooden stick or a branch from where they can be transported to the place where then the extraction happens.



No Kambo frog is ever hurt during the extraction nevertheless, the whole act is a little uncomfortable.

Four wooden sticks are put into the ground shaping a small square. The frog gets tied with four separated strings by all of his extremities to the wooden sticks in a way so that it does not move. 

To make the frog excrete the poison he needs to feel in danger, so keeping him tied on the strings makes him excrete a white, slimy secretion on his legs and the side of his body. This substance is scraped off with a small piece of wood and then transferred to another flat wooden stick, on which it later dries out and can last for a long time.  Once the extraction is done, the frog is released into freedom and his natural surroundings.



A Kaxinawá tribe legend tells that the Indians of the village were very ill and the Shaman “Kampu” had done everything that was possible to cure them. All medicinal herbs known were used, but none helped his people’s agony. Kampu then entered the forest and under the effect of Ayahuasca, where he received the visit of the great God. He brought in his hands a frog, from which he took a white secretion, and was taught how to apply it. Returning to the tribe and following the guidelines that he had received, the Shaman Kampu was able to cure his tribe. After his death, the spirit of Kampu has started living in the frog and the Indians began to use its secretion to stay active and healthy.

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Kambo preparation

Ideally, Kambo is done on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, therefore you should fast for at least twelve hours before the treatment. Drinking a little bit of water on the morning of your treatment is absolutely fine, but please don't overindulge. Please wear comfortable clothes and ideally no make-up. The treatment may last up to 3 hours depending on the individual client, so please be aware that you may feel tired afterwards. It is best to have a day off from any activities for the rest of the day to integrate the experience better.

It is recommended to eat a light diet at least 4-5 days prior to a Kambo treatment.  

Avoid the following:

  • Deep-fried and spicy food / Pickled, hard-processed and fermented food

  • Processed sugar, fizzy drinks and red meat / Nuts

  • Onions, garlic or any other night-shade vegetables / Take-away food

  • No chocolate, pastries, bread etc... No coffee or caffeinated drinks

  • Alcohol or street drugs / Marijuana / Sexual activities

  • Supplements / Herbal medicines / Sleeping aids

  • Diary / Gluten and GMO wheats / Citrus: lemon, grapefruit, orange

  • Social media, energy-draining situations...

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Mixing Kambo medicine with water, which will be later applied on to the skin

Just before the treatment, the clients must drink between 1.2l - 2l of water as soon as possible as this will help the process of purging by reducing the uncomfortable effects of the treatment. Traditionally, some tribes would drink Masato (a drink made out of the yuca root) or chapo ( a drink made out of bananas).  After the clients have drunk the water, the incense stick or tamshi ( a vine used traditionally) will be set on fire and blown out. The glowing, hot end will be used to burn the skin where the secretion will be applied. 

There may be several gates burned onto the skin as this depends on an individual. Once the secretion is prepared, it will be rolled into small flat balls and applied onto the burnt gates, where the top layer of the skin has already been removed. The burnt marks may fade away with time or it may leave a permanent scar. It really depends on an individual as we are all different.

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During the treatment

Kambo medicine travels through the lymphatic system and from there straight to the blood and around the body. The effect may be noticeable straight after several minutes, or in some other cases, it may take a little longer. The most intense part of the treatment will only take between 10-30 minutes, only in a few cases does it take longer. 


There is a wide range of symptoms that Kambo may trigger:

1. The first most noticeable effects are, that the Kambo medicine pushes the blood into the head. This is perceived as heat in the facial area as well as the rest of the body. Sometimes the person may feel the fastening of the heartbeat, which can be followed by nausea and vomiting. The water a person drank before the treatment, normally comes out first followed by bile in various colours: green, yellow, orange, dark green and etc. The person may also feel the need to defecate quite often. 


2. There may also be some swelling around the face region. Normally this happens if the head isn't kept as straight as possible, yet there are some exceptions. 


3. The following effect may also be present: eye discharge, cramps, dizziness, numbness, sweats, chills, physical weakness, crying, vocal outbursts and more. The symptoms vary from person to person.

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Side effects

Kambo is very safe when taken with a trained and experienced Kambo practitioner, although is some very rare cases the immune system may fall down, so the cleansing process may take a few days. This may happen if there is a more serious illness to be healed. 
In some cases, the person may faint, especially if one has very low blood pressure. This is why it is important to receive Kambo treatments from a qualified and experienced practitioner and to fully disclose any known underlying health conditions.

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The positive effects of Kambo can sometimes be already felt straight after the treatment and sometimes it may take a day or two to feel its benefits. The person may have increased energy levels, inner peace, clarity of mind, body and soul. Sometimes the person may need more than one Kambo treatment to reach a desired positive effect and it all depends on an individual's needs 
Kambo is a truly beautiful and very intelligent medicine. It is best not to have any expectations and allow the healing to happen naturally as the Kambo medicine know's exactly what needs to be released or cleansed.

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