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Shamanic Drum
Shamanic Drum
Shamanic Drum
Shamanic Drum
Shamanic Drum
Shamanic Drum
Shamanic Drum
risto-kokkonen-gfDctAfYxsY-unsplash (1).jpg


  • 12''   -  £190 

  • 14''   -  £250 

  • 16''   -  £280 

  • 18''   -  £300 

  • 20''   -  £340   


  • 12'' - £170

  • 14'' - £220 

  • 16'' - £250

  • 18'' - £280

  • 20'' - £300 




Drumming is a simple and effective way to induce an ecstatic trance state. Drumming helps to: - reconnect with your inner or spirit self - gain insight into an issue that you want to know more about - clarify your life purpose - access a higher power - reconnect with benevolent ancestors and more. Shamanic drums are always created within sacred spaces and blessed in a ceremony. I frequently take several orders during the special Moon cycles. There is always a limit to how many drums I can create in one day. I always post updates about this on Facebook or Instagram. I also take custom-made orders at any time. I mainly work with goat, deer, and buffalo Rawhides. Some of the materials are gifted to me by nature, while others are sourced from Native American craft tradesmen, Sami people from Sweden, or locally in Scotland. 

First of all, it is important to mention that I mainly work with the deer spirit. Most deer rawhides are sourced here in the UK. In the absence of top predators in the wild, such as wolves, bears or lynxes, the wild deer population rises each year to the levels that have deleterious effects on the rest of the ecosystem. The plant life that they eat also affects other animals. To try and manage this, unfortunately, the solution that is currently in place here in the UK is to cull the deer. While the meat does enter the venison trade, the vast majority of the hides are discarded which is extremely sad.

I feel in order to honour the spirit of the animal and not waste any part of its body it is so beautiful to give the Spirit of the animal a new life as a sacred tool. The Drum will then share the medicine and wisdom with whoever works with it. I also import hides from across the world, always looking for ethically sourced ones. This is extremely important to me as I deeply care for the welfare of the animals. Despite this, I am always searching for alternatives and I would be so happy to find a vegan-friendly option, but so far all I came across are synthetic materials or something that involves lots of traveling (CO2 emissions) and that is simply not my path. 


Shamanic rattles

Rattles are magical creations that represent many cultures and traditions and are used in ceremonies, healing rituals, and shamanic journeying. It is believed that rattles containing seeds are life force makers. The seeds within the rattle scatter the illusions of the conscious mind, planting seeds of a pure and clear mind in their place. I use a variety of items naturally harvested from the Earth. Rattles are filled with various seeds or small crystals. Rawhide is sourced from Native American tradesmen. Rattles are always created within sacred spaces and blessed in a ceremony.


Smudge feather fan

The uses of feathers are also very reaching. On a purely spiritual level, it was believed that carrying a feather around, especially particular kinds of feathers would imbue the wearer/carrier with the blessings of the higher. On a more physical level, they were known to be incredibly useful for spreading the smoke of sage or other incense around a space to energetically cleanse it and create a particular energetic environment. Smudging is a ritual to cleanse or clear a person, a place or an object of negative energies, spirits, or influences. It is a ritual of cleansing and purification for the physical and spiritual bodies to remove negative energy. Smudging is not strictly for use in cleansing and purifying, it can be used to draw in positive energies and as a means of creating smoke to carry our prayers up to the Great Spirit.



A collection of various pendants and necklaces. All are unique in their own way. Crystals and naturally fallen feathers can also be used in the creation of pendants or earrings. Created within a sacred space with love. Antlers and bones are always ethically sourced. 


Posting and Packaging

I am very passionate about caring for the environment and I will always try to use ethical packaging that isn't harmful to the Earth and all living beings.  The packaging is either Bio-Degradable or Recyclable and it is always Eco-Friendly.

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