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Drum workshops

Robin  medicine Shamanic drum
Shamanic drum
Shamanic drum - Owl medicine
Shamanic drum
Shamanic drum

If you are looking to create your own Shamanic Drum, blessed by Nature and born within a sacred space, then please get in touch as I would love to help you make this dream come true. 

The workshop is held at my house in the beautiful Highlands, only a 12min drive from Loch Ness.

What's included:

  • Deer, Reindeer, or Buffalo hide and lacing

  • Drum frame 14'' or 16'' in diameter

  • Feathers for decoration

  • Drum beater

  • Shamanic journey to connect with 4 elements ( the Air - East, the South - Fire, the West - Water, the North - Earth, and the center - Ether )

  • Sound healing journey 

The workshop will last all day, so please make sure you don't have any other plans and can fully dedicate yourself to this journey.

The morning will be spent doing a shamanic sound journey to connect with the elements and preparing the hide for lacing. 

Lunch - please bring food to share

Post lunchtime will be spent birthing your drum 

At the end of the workshop, we will bless the drum and close the sacred space. 

According to new neuroscience research, rhythm is rooted in innate functions of the brain, mind, and consciousness. As human beings, we are innately rhythmic. Our relationship with rhythm begins in the womb. Rhythm is the heartbeat of life. It is the primal power that unites us all. All rhythm is healing and it reconnects us to the warmth and safety of the first sound we ever heard -- the steady, nurturing pulse of our mother's heartbeat. When we drum the heartbeat, we connect to the feminine energies of creative imagination, birth, and intuition.

My own personal journey by working with the Drum began just a little over 4 years ago when I joined Edinburgh Shamanic Centre for a one-year course to re-discover the ancient ways of healing and living in tune with the Earth. Very quickly into this course, I received a message from the Universe to create my own Drum, which was a deeply healing experience for me. I soon received a few requests from some good friends to create Drums for them, which I kindly accepted. The more Drums I birthed, the deeper the healing I received from Mother Earth.


My vision is:

  • To share the gift of working with your own Drum by creating it in the sacred space and with the utmost respect to the spirit of the animals, trees, and your own guides.

  • To allow you to connect with your own guides and receive guidance whilst birthing your own sacred Drum

  • To remind you how important it is to remember the ancient ways that our ancestors once lived.

  • To help you connect with your own heartbeat through the use of your sacred Drum

  • To enjoy the experience of birthing something special, that you will use on your spiritual journey

  • To create a safe space for a community of like-minded people

£250 One to One Drum workshop
£200 Group workshop

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